Fashion: My Secret Garden

A few weeks back when I updated a food post of Rustic Pearl cafe, I also got a chance to take some outfit photos. I never knew Sydney could look so pretty until my bf & I accidently stumbled across the back alleys of Surry Hills. This post is named my secret garden because the background of my shots really reminds me of "The Secret Garden" book I've read when I was younger.

Follow me into "my secret garden"
Just stopped to strike a pose :P
Woolaaah, look what I've found!
Such a beautiful view!
Whoever's place this is, I'm letting you know that I've borrowed it...(Oh & I've also pinched one of your flowers, please don't kill me :P)

Cropped Tee:|Cotton On| Split Maxi Skirt:|| Shoes:|Jeffrey Cambell Litas in Blue Distressed Suede| Clutch:| Mimco| Accessories:|Skull necklace from HK street markets
(Photo credits to my awesome bf who reluctantly but obediently took these beautiful shots! <3 i="">

Can you guys imagine how my eyes lit up when I saw this place? It was just stunningly beautiful! As soon as I saw those flowers, I ran towards them and my bf knew exactly what was coming. HAHAHA he gave me the biggest oh no you didn't face but still took these beautiful shots for me... (under my guidance of course :P). All in all, I am so glad that we decided to have a walk around and got this pleasant finding!

For all that you know, there might be a secret garden for all of us. I've shared mine, do you have one to share for me too? Also, what are some unexpected places you guys have found & where is it? I would really like to hear from you guys too! 

So until next time, stay beautiful my loves!
L is Lily.


  1. That backdrop is gorgeoussss.
    I'm always in search for pretty places to take photos! But I do kind of have a secret ..desert behind my house hahah -_-





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